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Video Resources
The Home Closing Process
Title Insurance: Protecting What Matters Most
American Land Title Association: What We Do
Website & Document Resources

Resources for Clients

Guide to the Courts
A guide to the Courts from the Louisville Bar Foundation.

Information about Wills
Provided by the Kentucky Bar Association.


Resources for Homeowners

Protect My Kentucky Home
Help for homeowners with foreclosure issues.

Homeowner's Checklist for Selling Your Home
Get your home ready to show and sell.

Information about Title Insurance
What is title insurance and what does it cover?


Resources for Realtors

What Every Realtor Should Know About Title Insurance
Know the benefits of title insurance for your client.


Tips for Writing an Ad
Some ideas to help close that listing.


Twelve Phone Apps for Realtors
Great apps for the real estate professional 


Resources for Attorneys

Deed Overview
A brief review of the types of deeds and how they convey ownership.


Legal Links

Unclaimed Property
See if the Kentucky State Treasurer is holding any property or money that belongs to you.

Kentucky Secretary of State
Check on business status, availability of company name, and download business filing forms.

Kentucky Court System
A listing of all Kentucky state courts.

Additional Resources

Legal resources from the Louisville Bar Association.

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